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    701cc 95 raider what performance mods left out there????

    what can and should i do ????

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    I have a buttload of mods on mine but I also have G.A.S. The best bang for your buck and easiest:

    Aftermarket impeller = Solas I
    Aftermarket or modded Ride Plate (several opinions on topic can be searched here)
    Primer kit (removes choke butterflies too)
    Aftermarket Flame Arrestors

    All can be done at home with a little mechanical knowledge and proper tools. Depending upon new or used parts this is probably around a $300 investment.

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    175 psi compression
    run dual 44 carbs
    MSD enhancer
    Vforce reeds
    Factory MOD pipe
    Riva intake manifold
    case expox
    stroker crank

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    I'd rather be jet skiing
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    Yes I know for a fact you can work the balls out of a 701 Yammi just look at what guys do their superjets what kind of power do you want and how much u wanna spend are the real questions

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    Performance Engineering in Texas(?) used to have a recipe posted for 701 Raider mods. I have a hardcopy somewhere.

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    well i like to spend as little as posible but.....that never happens...i want to make this ski perform well top end and low end.....i mean i would say i would go all low end becuase the guyts i ride with all ride newer machines and one has a 1300r with a couple of goodies but i would say i gonna mod my ski to try and beat that monster...but is their any mods that i can do to improve the accelaration of the ski but not lose mush top end...meaning i know the ski it 50 mph which fine for the what i use it for like jumping wave and such but would a ridplat intake grate and prop make that much difference...can you feel the difference or is very minor...and if so what setups have you guys found to be the best??? thanx guys

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    You won't be able to catch your buddies but you'll always have a lighter craft. That's a good thing if you like jumping and throwing it around. From my experience, I like low-end torque over top-end bass boat speed. Owning a craft that you can toss around & pulls out of the hole easily is more fun than 70 in a straight line all day.

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    yea i would agree also i have 70 plus mph boat for all that rough water runing but i would like to make my 701cc super agresive down out of the hole but i wouldnt want to go much slower than 50 topped out becuse i still like ripping thru the flats any suggestions????

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    I have a few add on parts!!! Pelver wants one out of the 2 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0579.jpg 
Views:	48 
Size:	98.4 KB 
ID:	208013Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0580.jpg 
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ID:	208014Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0515.jpg 
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ID:	208011Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0514.jpg 
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ID:	208012 Lee

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    I posted a similar question not long ago, most of my responses told me to ditch the 701cc and find a 1200. I'll be debating for a while unless I stumble upon a good deal on a 1200 block.

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