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    Rebuilding 1997 780 and have a few issues

    Oil in the lower case? Guys, I know nothing of 2 cycle engines....well....maybe a little but not much. I know a lot about 4 stroke motors so I do have an extensive mechanical background so I am not a total idiot! Anyway....I am rebuilding a 1997 780SLT and have found quite a bit of oil in center chamber of crankcase. I know there is not supposed to be any oil in there so I am wondering what would cause this? I am going premix with it and have bought the block off plate. Do I pull the oil pump gear and shaft out of there or do I leave it in place after pulling the oil pump? I am rebuilding it because I found the MAG piston burned. I also found some scoring/scuffing on the other two pistons although the mixture looked good on those that normal???

    Thanks for the help/advice.


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    With the stock oil injection still hooked up, I cannot answer why the CEN has extra oil in the case. Except maybe the PO poured some through the spark plug hole for some reason?

    Remove the pump guts and install the block off plate. Make sure to use some sealant.

    Pics of the pistons in question will help.

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