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    Ultra 150 Trim & Top Speed

    Been having two Ultra 150s for a while now and don't get much out of my TRIM. I usually keep mine mid -level.

    Can someone please explain the advantages / use of the trim.

    Both of my skis are stock and do about 61-62 mph gps on calm this about right??

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    Trim down for better turning, up for more stability/ top speed, neutral is a compromise of the two. I hear theres a modification you can do to the trim linkage rod to give you more "UP" trim that will increase your top speed slightly, search for it. I think 61-62 stock sounds about right but theres hidden speed lurking in there...

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    That speed is a little slow should be 64-65. How to do the trim mod is in the ultra 150 mods thread. There is alot of speed in the setup and the details.

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    There are a couple adjustments you could make to make it trim higher too. get a nice rooster tail going

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