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    PROPLEM ,,Gages not working

    rpm gage is not working ... My fuel, speed and rpm gages not working.

    only the Volts is working ,
    what could be the proplem , i checked all the conectors and wires that i can reach and nothing.

    any idea whats i need to look for

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    is there no fuses in the ecu box ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by afc View Post
    is there no fuses in the ecu box ?
    i checked all ,,are ok

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    Has someone messed with the map? That has settings to communicate witth the stock display.

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    I and one of my teammates had a similar issue. Our RPM's stopped working. With both have MoTeC. The problem was the MoTeC KTC Unit. It converts MoTeC speak to Yamaha speak. It got wet and stopped working. After drying out for 10 days, mine started to work again. The unit is suppose to be sealed, but I guess it is not as sealed as they wanted it to be.

    What I have done to make sure it does not happen again was move the KTC Unit as high as I could and I put gorilla tape around it to seal it and to secure it more so it won't bounce around. You want the wire that goes into it point SOUTH. This is so water that may get on the wire does not funnel water towards the unit and seep in. Attached below is a pic of the KTC Unit. I unplugged it (noted by the red arrows) and let it sit. However, with my boat, everything worked but the RPM's. The Speedo should still work because MoTeC does not control that.

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    Mine too,but signal from blue/green wire are good log by Inovative LM2

    but stock dail not working ,
    how to repair it ?

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    i switched the gages from another ski and its worked fine ,,i might just take gages a parts and see if there is any fuse inside

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