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Thread: Rebuild ??

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    Rebuild ??

    I did a leakdown test yesterday and with the rockers off it was 80% 35% and 30%. Soit looks like I'm gonna need to open it up. I plan on going with the Riva pistons. What I was asking is what else is gonna be needed once I split the case? And what is this gonna cost? I was looking for what bearings and seals, gaskets. I know all the bolts need to be replaced (thanks seadoo). If somebody has a list of what needs to be ordered that would be great. Yes I have a manual but if you go by that you would change everything.

    Thanks Mongo

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    Pistons set Riva.
    Head gasket
    head bolts/
    Rocker bolts
    rod bolts
    Crank and Rod bearings. Contact Skeop he knows the bearing manu. for oversized if needed.
    Timming chain
    PTO gasget
    I would upgrade to the 08 X oiling setup for the SCer it is easy and cheap!
    I would have the block and head cleaned and surfaced flat.
    I would have the head done also. Inspected and serviced. I use Speedfreaks racing from this site.
    He does great work. He will inspect and do what needs to be done.

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    Thanks, I'm hoping the head is good I just had it gone through and put in ferreas and the riva valve train, New guides and seals less than 10 hours ago.

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    Head should be good with that little of hours on it. I think sbt sells oversize bearings if needed. If the old bearings look good then your crank is likely good. Get it measured to confirm that and polished up for a new set of stock sized bearings and you will be good to go!

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