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    Fuel problem in1997 gti

    Newbe here. I just replaced all the tempo lines and cleaned out carb filters, replaced both diaphrams and put all back together. Also took out fuel baffle and cleaned filter.
    Problem is when i took it out the thing only runs when the fuel knob is on reserve, runs great, but turn it to on and it runs out of gas. I wonder if i put the float in backwards or if it matters. I didn't pay attention when it fell out of the baffle. i was very careful replacing the lines only doing one at a time. Any ideas, thanks.

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    Did you take the fuel selector off and clean it? Lots of junk gets collected inside it and will cause your issue.

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    are you talking about the on/off/reserve valve? No i didn't as a matter of fact.

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    theres your problem...

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    Thanks guys, thats exactly what it was. A bunck of black rubber-like crud in the valve.

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