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    Marblehead Penninsula Riding

    Do any of you regularly ride around the Marblehead Penninsula? I spend a lot of time riding in the Sandusky Bay. Sometimes ride to down the Sandusky River to Freemont for Lunch. Sometimes ride out to Pelee, South Bass, Kelley's. Sometimes all the way to Detroit for lunch.

    I am in the area most weekends and would like to hook up with a few riders.


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    Hey Mike!

    Me, j2440, east harbor bob, and a few others are always riding up that way. We are over in East Harbor. We were talking about shooting the river to freemont this weekend for lunch. We're also weekenders, and can be found up there almost every weekend. PM me if you wanna get together for a ride sometime!

    Pauly C.

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