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    Question 06 SL780 Limp mode

    Unit revs to about 4000 to 4200 and then seems to miss out, like the timing is not advancing. Reading the threads this site, which are great by the way, seems to point me to the fact that fuel and a red light flashes on the MFD. I've checked many things using a Clymer manual but it is insufficient with many troubleshooting test; it does not even talk about issues like this on the MFD so I may have been chasing the wrong items. Thought is was, fuel, timing, or a bad CDI (to name a few) but now I am questioning all. Everything else I've checked has passed. Two questions:

    1. What wires do I disconnect to bypass or provide a false signal for the fuel sending unit to see if the engine will rev up?

    2. What is a better service manual? I will see if Polaris still sells them as well.

    Thanks for the help.
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    you need to open the elect box and disconnect the gray wire and see if it revs up then if so you need a new float for your sending unit .get a factory polaris manual check out John Zigler at rockcounty jetski .com he had a bunch of manuals

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    you can also cyt the 2 wires coming from the fuel sending unit and twist them together to check it also you need to twist the ones coming from the box to check it

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