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    Torqing up bolts


    I've been through the manual and have the torq recommendations for me ski

    I done this last time and found all head bolts went loose what's a correct procedure when doing this??

    Do I use thread lock?? Do I run it on the hose for a few mins and re torq

    Any suggestions or advice??

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    Ive removed the head bolts on my SLT780 dozens of times so far... Never used thread lock or a torque wrench. I tighten them in the correct pattern, as per the polaris manual, to a 'very snug' tightness, id estimate 30ft/lbs. After putting some hours on the ski, they always are quite a bit tighter than when I put them on.

    Ive never had any head bolts get loose, so you might have just had them far too loose?

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    Torque them in a star pattern in increments. 10 ft lbs, 15 ft lbs, and finally 18 ft lbs.

    Then retorque them after 20 mins. It will give the gaskets time to squish.

    Finally recheck the torque after your first ride.

    No Loctite, and I'd suggest using the torque wrench. Less chance of stripping out your aluminum parts.

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