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    need help deciding new ski

    ok, guys , need help on buying a new ski . As I have a 785, eveyone here has always given me great advice , so need more .
    Have it narrowed down to two :
    2008 Kawi 250 ultra 250-x ( new ) or 2008 Seadoo RXT-X ( new ), both same price , which one ? always have had polaris skis, so, any help would be great , thought I would post it here to get a unbiased answer

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    My understanding is the Kawi is a better rough water hull, while the SD is more accustomed to smoother.

    Not sure about the Kawi, but I've heard there are a few issues with the SD supercharger. Can be VERY expensive when it fails.

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    I think the Kawi will drink a lot of fuel, even more than the SeaDoo (which is saying something). The Kawi supercharger belt is a maintenance item.

    On the SeaDoo, the main issue is the failure prone ceramic supercharger clutch washers. SeaDoo did switch to OEM metal washers in recent model years, but you will need to check whether that 2008 had the ceramic or metal washers in the supercharger from the factory.

    Many owners changed to metal washers from the original ceramic. The big question would be whether the ceramics failed in the engine before the metal washers were installed. Ceramic washer failure results in ceramic bits flowing through and damaging the oiling system in the engine. The results of such damage can be hidden, until the engine fails from reduced oil function.

    Proper recovery from a ceramic washer failure involves a full engine tear down and inspection/cleaning. Often major engine components are damaged by the ceramic grit in the oil system.

    The Kawasaki hull is considered the best rough water hull, but is expensive to make go faster.

    The SeaDoo 'X' hulls provide strong acceleration, and the engines respond well to power boosting. If you are after increased speed from modifications, then the X hull must be carefully tuned to prevent dangerous jet pump 'stuffing' at high speeds.

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    Give us some more detials what type of riding you will be doing and where, water condistions, will you be looking for pulling wakeboarders most the time?

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