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    2006 wakeboard no start after cluster replacement

    I bought a new cluster for my 2006 wakeboard edition and now it does not start. Is there any way to get it to start and run without going to a dealer? I get a trouble code P1513. There is some kind of numbers that seem to be counting down. When I first plugged in the cluster it was displaying T 413 and now it is displaying T 409. I seems to be counting down but very slowly. Can I start and run the ski with the old display and while it is running unplug the old display and then plug in the new one? I guess I know I can do that but will that get me from having to go to the dealer? Thank you.

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    I believe the dealer has to "marry" if you will, the cluster to your ski.

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    fault code

    here is the snapshot of the 2005 manual

    Click image for larger version. 

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