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    How do I start a neglected 1100

    I bought a 1100 Yamaha ski that has been sitting for about a year, it is not locked up.
    The repair shop never looked at it, the owner abandoned it because of no funds to get it fixed.

    I donít know what is wrong with it.
    Could you guys tell me what the proper steps are
    systematically to see if this thing will start.

    I know to clean filter and put new gas, may need to clean carbs, new filter, plugs, etc. I figure I need to check the compression too. I know how to do most of that stuff, but what if it doesnít get spark?
    How does one check the electrical system to find the culprit???

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    disconnect your kill switch to verify that it`s not bad, crank it over see if you have spark. open your electrical box check for corrosion on the terminals from water contamination. do a search on here for stator specs and test with a ohm meter. Next is to preferably borrow a known good cdi from a friend {same make and model} and see if that is it.

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    60% of the time, it works every time.
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    Have you tried to start it yet or are you covering your bases beforehand? May need to pour a small amount of gas into the carbs to get it going. Try the easy stuff first.

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