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    Trolling motor Idea??????

    I took this idea from a website that converts a bilge pump into a thruster for under water robots (ROV). Basically its just a bilge pump, computer fan blade, and some PVC plumbing pipe. I am still working on this project and I have not yet tested it on the ski. It does seem like it has enough power to do the job!! I will post the results when done

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    This is an idea I've been interested in also; tried to put a tiller drive trolling motor on my rack, but it was just tool large... Now I'm toying around w/the idea of a small battery powered weed eater with an prop on an extended shaft.

    Chris, please keep me posted on this idea... I'm wondering if the OPAS will offer enough steering...

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    Last summer I went to a little remote river with hardly any current on my ski. It quit about a mile away from my trailer. Nobody else around to help. I tried to paddle the ski - HA. I ended up swimming and pulling it back while dodging snakes and all other kinds of obstacles. I would love to have some kind of back-up power for my ski that I use to fish.

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    I would cut openings in the bushing. the water you will be pushing is the same direction as the water you are sucking. It will not be near as efficient. Our bow thrusters go completely across the hull for this reason. Sucking the water from the opposite side of the boat as the thrust. This gives the prop the water needed to produce the thrust. The other thing you will want to do is makethe clearance between your prop and the sides as close to zero as possible. If you do these two things you will definately notice the difference. Researsh Kort nozzle. You will want it to be similar to that design. Just a ring around the prop with an open back. Good thinking and I am not saying it will not work but with a limited amount of battery and as hard as it will be for that little setup to move a ski which is out od the water adn affected by not only the current but the wind also you will want it as efficient as possible.

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    I have thought about the same idea to have some sort of propulsion for a ski when in trouble. From my experience with a 14 foot boat-shallow draft and not much freeboard on it, and it was fairly light ---700lbs.. I tried using a small outboard motor...a 2 HP evinrude. it worked good when the wind was calm, slow-go but it got me to shore.

    Although, in a slight wind,,,2-4 knots. I couldn't get anywhere with it. the wind would take over and thats that. your a bobber still. I also have a small gas powered 2-stroke weedwacker motor idea for a ski if you could fashion a shaft and a prop on the end of it and have a mount for it off the back of the ski. it would use the same gas as your ski--2-stroke oil with gas. I bet it would work if it was calm but not in any wind or current.

    Maybe a sail of some sort would be a better choice. at least you could get to a shore but not exactly the place you want to go.
    better off being on shore somewhere than nowhere out in the lake. you would need a rudder too for steering of some type. maybe mounted off the back with a quick release. The sail could be on a sectioned type pole that clicks together. that way you could store the shaft, prop and motor with gas up front in the bin and the sail could be wrapped up and the pole shrunk down to fit inside the ski with a mount for it.

    The sail idea won't work if the wind is going the wrong way---ie---out to sea! keep the ideas coming!. the weedwacker motor is a stihl and it rips pretty hard at wot. 32cc's. It could be mounted on a swivel for steering while running. Look at that roostertail! lol

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