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    Question NEWBIE - first ski what to buy?

    I live in the Maritimes in Canada. Seadoos are sometimes hard to get used at good prices. I am looking at spending no more than 3 grand right now. I ride a 94 xp every weekend for the last 2 months its fun can do a variety of tricks with it. However looking for a bit more power especially off the line. Pretty sure i am not in the market right now for a 3 seater even though my girlfriend and family like to get on with me but it just doesn't seem ment for more than one person at all. So i guess the suggestions i am looking for is something that performs well and ill be happy with riding by myself but also not feel like i cant do anything when i have a passenger. I have been doing alot of research lately trying to figure out all the models from 94 to 2005 and still kinda not leaning towards anything in particular.

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    Are you only looking for a SeaDoo or open to other brands? A 96-99 GSX is a nice boat. Also the 2000-2003 RX. The Yamaha GP1200/r would be a good choice too. All these are powerful 2 seaters.

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    I haven't ridden the GPR but i love the RX boats. I think they'dbe perfect for what your lookin for. If you can find one, they're hard to come bye.

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