I was having some problems with one of my skis (2000 GTX) last weekend just prior to taking a family vacation in Lake Anna, VA. I worked on the ski for the beter part of 2 days, but still no joy (long story). It was too late to have Trey from Pro Power Marine take a look at it, so I took the ski the the lake anyway. (I live in Crownsville MD, not far from Trey's shop). I had previously read on this board about Andy and had been helped by him before when a DESS post on my 96 XP went bad while down the lake. I dropped the ski off at A&R Performance Monday PM (they were closed until Tuesday)and by Tuesday PM Andy had the ski up and running (fuel line replacement, carb rebuild, etc.) I ran the ski for about 1'2 and hour and then it started to sputter. I idled back over to the ramp and took the ski back to Andy's place about 8:30 that PM planning to leave it - only to find Andy just getting ready to leave the shop. He said he would not look at it until the AM, then proceeded to try and start it and give it a once over. After about 5 minutes of tinkering around, Andy found one of the plugs was mega-fouled, then figured out that one of the rubber pieces that was added to protect the carb from water injestion had been sucked into the carb and was blocking flow. He ripped the offending pieces out ("you don't need this $#%#@%@% stuff anyway, I put it back on against my better judgement" and had me heading back to the lake with ski in tow a few minutes later. I put the ski back in the following AM and it ran perfect the rest of our stay and helped make our vacation.

Bottom line, Andy knows his stuff, is an honest guy who stands behind his work, and goes above and beyond for his customers. I highly recommend you look him up if you need help with a ski or boat and you are in the Lake Anna / Fredericksburg VA. area.

Thanks Andy,