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    Primer Installation

    Okay; I don't post too much, but I'm still catching up on all the reading as I work my way through the armada of boats that has taken over my garage and become an obsession.

    Since I've learned so much here, I thought I'd pay it back a little.

    I recently picked up a couple of 94 SL750's and have been going through them. After sitting on the dock at the lake, while my pasty white son slowly transitioned to a lobster red, waiting for his old man to get the damn skis fired up, I got really tired of priming the carbs with premix hoping I wouldn't have to rebuild them. No dice.

    I rebuilt them and installed primer kits. I ordered them, then did the usual "till my eyes fall out" reading on the forum until they arrived. Here's how I installed them:

    Removed the choke plates and related hardware.
    Used a 1/4" ratchet extension to drive out the PLASTIC bushings, leaving the METAL bushings.

    Cut threads with an 1/8" tap.

    Picked up 1/8" MIP X compression elbows with 1/4" OD nipples (Elbowed style) at the Home Depot, as well as 1/8" MIP plugs.

    Wrenched all the parts in, and ended up with what's in the pics attached to this post.

    A couple of notes:

    ONLY do this if you have the carbs off and are rebuilding them; the shavings get everywhere.

    Buy a small chunk of 1/4" OD Poly line to seal the compression fitting; I cut it off at the beginning of the nipple, so it made the seal but left plenty of room for the fuel line to go on.

    ...I hope this shows up in someone's search!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is definetly a clean look nice job ,,
    and a lot more work than the std push fit brass fittings that come with the better primer kits

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    Not really a lot of work if the carbs are out. Takes longer to get the choke plates out than it does to tap and install the fittings.

    Never really trusted anything that was push-in or glued in. The OCD in me I guess.

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    I hear ya ,, I red locktite my push fittings in and I cut my chokes out with snips so I don't have to mess with the screws that have been mashed

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