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    Help.. Water en engine and oil...

    Hi. Im from denmark so pleade excuse me any bad english...

    The other day me and some guys went out in a boat and on my RXP 2004
    Ive had for 15 hours... 106 total now..

    i ride around playing in the boats waves.. then my friends tell me that the "beach slide protection" gone a little loose... and its about 30 cm loose... i kept going thinking i will glue it later... now they say its gone really loose like half of it... and it starts to loose power right after... i think that its blocking the jet... so went up on a beach and tipped it and pull the beach protection all of.. went out again.. still no power... lots of RPM but no power only lige 3 mph at idle... i had about 4 miles to the trailer so i tied it to the boat(did before no problem) then we come up to the beach and i get ready to jump in when i see the damn ski is halfway under water... So me and my buddy jumps in and gets it on the beach and discover the whole engine compartment is under water... pull it up and drain water, after draining try to start the ski... Nothing... cranks for 3 sec then get stuck..

    I go home discover that idiot me didnt know that air filter was kinda low in the compartment... so it filled with water... wich is now in my engine... i panic start by rippin out airfilter, sucking oil out... pumpin about 5 liters of water trough compresser and out thru spark plugs...

    The jet starts and runs normal(on hose).. but i did like 5 oil changes now... and it still is not "what you get out should look like what you put in..."

    Exhaust was also full of water... took that out of course...

    Wondering why i sank, i tryid fillin the jet back up with some water thinking "where water can get in it can also get out)

    Here what i dont seem to understand:
    Why the sudden loss of power?
    Why did it sink?
    Was it becouse i dragged it?
    WHY does there keep getting water in the oil.

    Thanks a LOT ...

    I did not search the forum, im not sure this is the right category to ask... But this site is very slow in denmark... Takes like 10-15 min a page so im sorry for not searching but im very scared for my ski.. only had it a week

    Thanks again in advance

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    Give me a call and I will help you, 50551710 Lars (Denmark)

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    The water got in there when you towed the ski with the boat it filled up the exhaust then the cylinders and hydrolocked the engine that's why some people put valves so they can close them when towing

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