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    Should the FZ hull wander at "no wake" speeds?

    I'm constantly correcting the direction of my FZS in the no-wake zones. I've never had to do this with any of my other boats. Is this a normal characteristic of the hull?

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    Mine does that also. I think it's just the hull shape overpowering the lack of thrust at no wake speeds. I have a 100+ yd. long idle out from the ramp at my usual launch point - I'm constantly adjusting to keep the ski moving in a straight line.
    Have you tried adjusting the trim to see if more thrust (or more hull) in the water helps?

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    I think the back & forth swirve is reduced/eliminated when trimmed all the way down.

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    totally normal for a fz,
    mine would do the same when i first bought it, i almost thought something was wrong with the steering but after you get used to it youll keep it in a strait line. turn the bars alittle at a time to correct the steering.

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