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    1996 GTX Carbs Flooding

    I just had them rebuilt, but come to find out it just floods the motor, i pull the plugs after trying ot crank it and they have gas all over them. I have it torn down to the carbs, if some one can coach me on how to adjust them that would be great.

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    if you have fuel thats good....question is, is do you have spark? put your plugs back in with out the plug boots on and get another plug and put it in the boot. crank it over and see if you have spark. sounds as if the dealer is pulling a fast one on you for more service hours. here is what your carb screws should be at for a stock 787...Low Speed – 1 +/- 1/4 ; High Speed – 0

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    maybe they were half ass rebuilt. the High speed check valve was not replaced, pop off could be to low, or a bad needle & seat can also affect it.

    I had a customer that was having some carb trouble on his challenger, dual 787's. I asked what did you do? he answered I rebuilt the carbs myself. I asked how? he answered well I just replaced the old parts with new parts" I asked if he set the pop off? he said whats that,

    expensive mistake he did, now he will have to pay for me to remove the carbs and so to speak "go through them again"

    anyone can rebuild carburetors, as far as getting them set right, only the experienced.

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