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    Cool Steering Question

    I am interested in getting a Sea-Doo sport boat. My concern is the steering. In a regular boat if you loose power you can still steer becuase you have a rudder. But a jet propel boat does not have a rudder. So if you propel system/engine on a see-doo go out does that mean that you cannot steer whatsoever?

    At least with a rudder you can control which way you drift. Does anyone know if you can control a sea-ddo with a dead engine? Thanks

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    A jet boat operates much different than a stardard out drive-out board boat. But to answer your question... no thrust = no steering.

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    he is right no engine no steering ..the opas system onn the seadoos was intended to give you some ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by breon View Post
    he is right no engine no steering ..the opas system onn the seadoos was intended to give you some ...
    But didn't really make much of a difference. Still need to hit the gas to turn.

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