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    SL650 dies on day two??

    I have a '94 SL650 that is in great condition with one exception. I don't get to take it out much, and I just got back from a two day lake trip that was less than stellar. During this trip my ski had the exact same problems it did last year on the same trip (2 days at the same lake).

    On day one it ran perfect all day, and it was ridden hard and long (went through about 12 gallons of fuel), and there were absolutely zero problems. On day two it started off just like day one, but went south in the afternoon (just like what happened last year). In the afternoon it started having bogging issues when I gave it throttle (right after starting), and I would have to feather it a bit to get it going. Then it progresses to where it does not want to start, but I can get it with alot of trying. I even replaced the plugs at the lake with brand new ones that I had brought along, and that did not help at all. I let it sit for about two hours before we were headed back to the marina, and it was hell getting it started. Once I got it started I had some hesitation issues, but made it back to the docks without needing a tow. Once out of the water, it started up with no problems. The only difference between day one and day two is that day one was a float on the lake day, and day two was at a beach.

    The ski is all origional, and it did spend about 8 years in storage before I got it in 2008. The only things I have done to it are replaceing the sparkplugs, and ditching the oil pump/tank. I know I should rebuild the carbs, and should also upgrade to a 3 outlet fuel pump, but does anyone know why I'd have this problem on day two? This year and last year are the only times I have had it out for two days in a row.

    Also, where is a good place to get a carb rebuild kit, and a fuel pump?

    Thanks for any info!!

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    John Zigler would be the place to call for the Mikuni stuff. Contact info in the links below.

    In addition to the carb and fuel pump, replace all the fuel lines, including those inside the fuel tank. Make sure the fuel tank is clean inside.

    Also check cylinder compression. All spark plugs out, throttle held wide open.

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    Is all the fuel line the same size/type? I know there is some blue lines going to the engine, and black ones from the tank - could I replace all of the lines with some from

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