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    2000 Pro 1200 random issue on shut off

    First off, here is some info on me and the ski:

    I found this in a thread as to what info I should post, so here goes!

    Where are you located: I am in the Dallas area.
    what kind of ski: Polaris Pro 1200
    what year: 2000
    how many hours on the meter? Bought it with 60, now has 75ish.
    how long did it sit: no idea, I bought it 2 months ago
    price: $2,900 on double trailer
    comes with trailer? yes
    live on water? no
    did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water: I think just lake
    compression numbers? unsure, had mechanic check it out before I bought it and he said "everything is within 3lbs of factory"
    does it run? yes
    mechanical knowledge: quick learner

    Ok, so here is the issue. I have had the ski out maybe a dozen times and maybe 4 times I have experienced issues when hitting the red stop button. The engine sounds like it is trying to start, like a constant turning over for nearly 2 mins. At this point I have tried removing the laynard, I have tried pressing harder on the stop button, I have tried to hit the green button to start the ski and nothing seems to have an effect.

    I have only seen this happen after an hour or so of riding. After this happens and finally the engine dies, it will not start back up without me priming the engine (I think it quits when it runs itself out of gas). Once I get back up and running the ski seems to be fine, has great speed, great power, no loss of anything so far as I can tell.

    Anyhow, I am glad to have found a place to share experiences and learn about my new toy. Thank you for any advise you may be able to provide!


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    So you pull the lanyard and it still runs??????

    does the engine run after hitting the red button or pulling lanyard--or just the starter?

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    It doesn't "Run" after pulling the lanyard or hitting the red button. That is, there is no thrust. What I get is the sound of pressing the start button but the engine never actually starting,like if I hadn't primed the engine so there wasn't enough gas to start it but I held the green button in anyhow, it would just continue to turn over without actually firing up.

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    ok, so it sounds like you have a short between your start circuit and your stop circuit. If you hit the red button and it tells the ebox to start the ski.

    I would start by opening the box on the handlebars and cleaning and regreasing (dielectric grease to keep water out) the switches in there. then do the same in the ebox

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    The ski has aftermarket bars (renthal?). The digital display has been relocated to the little compartment right in front of the seat so I am unsure where the wires are that you mentioned. I will look up what the ebox is and check it out. Again, this doesn't happen all the time, infrequent at best, but it does worry me that one day I will find myself stranded!

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    where are the start stop buttons?

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    Ah, that is the box we are talking about! they are mounted to the handle bars. Ok, so I open that up, clean everything out, check for crossing wires and then re-pack it with grease. I think I can handle that.

    Sorry for the confusion!

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