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    New to the board, not to Sea-Doo's and have a few Q's.

    Hello all,
    I have been trolling around here for a few months now letting the fever just build.
    Finally decided to take the plunge a pick up a ski this summer. I plan on buying a total of four over the next year (Myself, Wife, and 2 boys). I had a 97-XP and a 98 XPL. I want to pick up a decent 3 seater this summer. My question is should I avoid the newer 4 strokes and look for a good running 2-stroke? I am getting the vibe that the new models are great skis if you have a warranty to back them up, but expensive to repair when trouble does come. $3-4K is my budget so something with a warranty is out of the question. Any input is greatly appreciated.



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    when a 4 stroke goes boom yes it is more expensive ..but they dont go boom if you give them reasonable care...

    2 strokes allways go boom..

    family ski... find yourself a good fresh water 4 tec gti..or even a gtx and it will run forever..

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    Ok, I'm trying to find a 4tec in my area in my price not much luck so far. I also wanted a few XP's as well a 96 or 99 SPX (love the color schemes on those) and a XPL. I have seen a few posts advising to stay away from the DI's anyone have any additional input?

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    The DI's will run nearly all day on a tank of gas, best fuel economy on a ski hands down! However... they did to seem to always have fuel system related problems.

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