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    Backwards Modification Question

    Here's a bit of a backwards question for the forum--

    04 GTX SC 185HP

    A few of us were talking last weekend--no one knew the answers--

    Would removing the SC get a noticable increase in gas milage ? We were wondering if that was first possible, and second a gas milage increase ?

    Currently, we get 60-65 miles out of a tank. That's when the buzzer goes off.

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    noticably you would just slow down

    i run a rude 3 17 psi charger ..and big injectors..ect my ski will run mid 80's on a good day....

    my sister has a stock gtx 185...65-68 mph at best.... exactly the same ski you are speaking of.....we rode basically side buy side all day..... not maxed out just running around ...when we filled up at the end of the day we had used exactly the same amount of fuel...

    now when we go on the bigger rides here...and are running in and out of the twisties...but brisk ..again even though we are only running 50 - 70 stock skis are pinned all the time ..i am about 3/4 throddle moddified skis accually get better milage...

    now open mine up and it sucks the fuel...

    if you run 25-40 mph they will go all day

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