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    95 780 slx leaking oil??

    hey guys , new to the forum , ive got a 95 slx780 , was original owner , gave it to sister , she used it for a while , well long story short i got it back in alot worse shape , ok heres my problem ... ski wasnt used for a few yrs the pump bearings froze up so no start , ok took the whole pump out and i will replace bearings, since it was apart started working on getting it running again , , believe it or not started right up with new battery yeah for me , problem is it is smoking bad andwhat looks like oil is coming out of the exhaust over the pump housing , (outside of hull) ,it is coming out gloopy black , also ski is idling very fast at aprox2800 rpm , it will rev right up no problem , any ideas oh jetski gods , thanks in advance

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    Thats actually ok ! Smoking like crazy when you start it and run it in the water.. its a 2-stroke! its suppose to smoke.

    it will smoke a lot when starting usually, then calm down to a slight smoke always coming out it. if its not smoking, you have a problem! sounds crazy huh? but its true

    that oil is ok coming out the back.. its used burned gas and oil mix thats coming out pf the big pipe.. mostly 2-stroke oil. your fine there.. it gets like muck because its mixed with water in it.

    Your idle is fine too. when you start it out of the water, the pump and engine dont have a load on it(the water going thru it) and ends up running a higher rpm out of the water.. 2800 is about right.. when its in the water, it should be around 1250-1300 rpms.. so no worries.. your ok.

    if its in the water and running 2800 rpms, theres a tee on the carb rail that you unscrew to lower the idle speed. the screw has a tee and a spring on it.

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