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    15F Engine in an Ultra250, what is needed?

    Just pondering what to do with my ultra with a blown up engine.

    What would I need to just drop in a 15F engine from sbt for example ($2,395, 2 Yr Warranty). What are the differences. I assume ECU? what else would I need to make it work. I figure it wont be fast but still look good and have the rough water capabilities, and possibly even be reliable?

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    You will have an LX. ECU for sure and ? Fuel pump may be different. I'm not knowledgable enough to help. Just a cheer-leader!

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    fuel pump will be different, you can change the cylinders and pistons and you will be close cams also should be changed as well as ecu, the fuel pump is also different give yourself some credit! you will also need a new prop and gauge, you are looking at more to change it than just to rebuild it with performance parts


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    Intake, exhaust manifold, drive shaft coupling and first waterbox are all different. You'ld be replacing just about everything except the hull.

    Re-build... you can use cases from a 12F, 15F or Ultra 250 motor. I have a decent set of cylinders and some other odds-n-ends. Another member of this site had a re-built head for sale

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