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    Amount of oil use vs. gas

    Hi there,

    I am curious if my ski is using enough oil. I have a 1994 750 SL, After half a tank of fuel, the oil tank has only come down about two inches. I know some is burning because the exhaust is blue and the motor hasn't seized yet! Just curious as to a ratio of how many tanks of fuel per tank of oil.


    Also, what gas is best to burn? I've always used the lowest grade, should I change it up every now and then?

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    The ratio is 40 to 1. You are fine.

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    I have a polaris slt 750 with v force reed valves 2 and the removal of the choke petals. I am still running with a stock air filter. The oil pump is removed. I called polaris and they said to run it at 32:1. Should I be running it a little less, perhaps 40:1 as the oil pump would?

    Thank you

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    the oil pupms do not go through the same amount of oil as if you where mixing it in the gas 32:1 is alittle much i run 40:1 in my ski's but 36:1 is way more then enough

    yours sounds about right ,next time mark the oil level in the tand and check it after a little riding time

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    When you say check the oil level in the 'tand', what does 'tand' mean? If I am running at 40:1, how will I know my ski is happy and mechanically sound? What checks can I perform to my ski after I change the mix ratio from 32:1 to 40:1 to ensure happy ski?

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