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Thread: 770 runs rough

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    Unhappy 770 runs rough

    I have a 1997 Monte Carlo 770. Haven't used it much the last 2-3 years, one reason is it just runs badly, especially at WOT. Thought it was a fuel problem and have gone through the carbs and checked out all the fuel problem possibilities. Finally isolated the problem and it's electronic, after about 10 sec at anything past 3/4 throttle the ignition gets funky. I checked the plugs, plug wires, the coil and everything seems to be okay, anybody got any ideas ?

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    hey, if you are sure it is electronic, I'd look for loose connections and other wire problems to start with. Might be spark plug breaking down at high speed, its pretty cheap and easy thing to try. I know these are the obvious things, but i'd look there first. pwcdaddy

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    id start with a new battery thats the machine calls for if you dont have the right battery sometime the elctrical will gi you hell

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    did u ever get to run top end?

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