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    wierd kill switch problem

    Hey everyone, i just purchased two matching 1999 polaris slh 700cc machines and ski 1 has a kill switch problem, that being when the key is pulled the machine does not shut off, now ive taken the switch apart, check continuity on all the wires back to the fuse box, was all good, no corrosion in the fuse block at all, cleaned the switch put it back together still doesn't work, so i pulled the switch out of ski two, and that didn't fix the problem either, put the switch from ski 1 into ski 2 and it still works as normal, so i know the switch is the problem, i see the little 20 gauge black and yellow wire going into the cdi box, is this the problem?

    im kind of stumped with this problem so if anyone has some better experience i would love to hear it!


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    I just had this problem with my SL1050.
    Yes, when that black with yellow stripe wire is grounded,the engine will shut off.

    If you ground that Blk/yel wire going into the CDI and it does not shut off,you need a new CDI. Get the part # on the CDI, we can tell you if it is an updated style.

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    We found when we tried grounding the blk- yellow wire it didn't shut off. The part number on the CDI would be 552 2 0000 01. and the Electrical box number said p.n 4060148. I've been looking for a new part for it, but found that they are really hard to find. If you have any suggestions or could possibly help us.

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