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    Polaris 750 question

    Does anyone have any knowledge on the multi function display unit(mfdu)? My mfdu does not work anymore and I was wondering if the heat sensor on the coolant rail is dependent on the mfdu to work properly? The wire on the heat sensor is broke so I will replace the heat sensor if it will work without the mfdu.

    Also, does any have a mfdu for a 95 slt 750 for sale at a reasonable price? How about the mounting bolts for a reverse gate to the jet nozzle that include the clip to the rod that pushes the reverse gate up and down? If anyone has these parts please contact me via pm. Thank you.

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    Check the fuse in the Ebox. The last two skis I bought, the seller said they were "broken" and haven't worked for a couple of years. Even though the fuses looked good, they were blown. 1/4 amp AGC from Radio shack, and they lit right up.

    Pretty sure I have an extra Reverse assembly from a 95 SLT750. If you want it, it's yours. PM me where you would like me to ship it.


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    Would the Reverse assembly work for SL 780?

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