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Thread: Rx vs rxp hull

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    Rx vs rxp hull

    I'm looking to update my RXDI I'm looking at a RXP how much better is the RXP hull than the RX will it ride better in chop and be a allround better ride.

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    I've owned both and prefer the hull of the RX to the RXP.

    In my opinion the RX rides as a lighter, more maneuverable ski. While the RXP is clearly faster and has much better acceleration, it finishes second when comparing ride and handling. I've also noticed the RXP has much more bow spray than the RX - something I found annoying since I used to ride year-round.

    Concerning the ride in choppy water - I'd say it's a push. Neither ski is that great in the chop and both take a distant second place to the SeaDoo's XP by comparison.

    As a final thought, be sure to factor in increased fuel consumption and supercharger maintenance when you make a change to the RXP. If you don't do your own work, following BRP's guidelines for supercharger service adds about $5 - $8 of expense for each hour you ride.

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    Thanks mason good to get some feedback from someone who has riden both

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