Thanks for taking the time to look at my post. I recently acquired a 2005 R12X which appeared to be in great condition, at least the hull looked fantastic. I purchased the ski when it was not running because I got a good buy and figured I would take a chance since there is an extended warranty on it. I tried a few different things to try and get it going to no avail. I then ended up taking it to a dealer since it has the HPP. Long story short they tested the compression and every cylinder is low (70 - 100 lbs compared with spec of 170) The ski only has 63 hours on it. I am curious to everyone experience on how good Honda is with their warranties? There was no water in the oil but the oil was way too high and smelled of fuel which I guess was from the blow by of the worn rings. Note that the injectors were replaced under warranty earlier this season before I bought it and the reciept shows the same amount of hours.

The dealer is now pulling the motor at my cost unless it is covered. So what do you think Honda is going to do? Will it be covered and any ideas of the cause? If so should I push for them to check the lower end of the engine to check the bearings? Any chance Honda will put an entirely new engine in it?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.