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    How to take a Modded Ultra 150 back to Stock

    I have a 2000 Ultra 150 (JH1200A) with a number of mods, all listed below from original owner's invoices.

    I wish to tear the engine down and put it back to stock. All H.P. modded parts are available for trade/exchange/etc. for high quality stock parts. Please P.M. me if interested in swapping.

    I am interested in getting your help on the steps to go through and the parts to replace to get my machine back to a reliable/dependable/stable stock condition. Thanks.


    Below is a list of all invoice data that the original owner gave to me at time of purchase. It seems that all mods were done in the first summer of ownership. And having talked to the seller/owner - he was very proud of his machine and all it could do. I bought it in April 2010 -- 10 years after original purchase. It had 91 hours on it when I bought. So you will see that he did a compression test in 2006 at 85 hours.

    ORIGINAL JET SKI (Everything below right off invoices -- this is not a sale price, just what the original owner paid)
    3/14/2000 R&D Aquavein Kaw Ultra 150 $73.00
    3/14/2000 Stiffie ID Kit GRY-CARB/BLK $13.00
    3/14/2000 Turf Side Lift Wedge $9.00
    5/17/2000 Dome, Ultra 150 42cc +20 LBS from Stock (Warning: Not
    recommended for pump gas without proper ignition and carb tuning!!!) $109.00
    5/17/2000 Kawasaki 150 Ultra Billet Head from ADA Inc $236.00
    5/24/2000 3cyl. Filer kit CV $189.00
    5/24/2000 Exhaust hop-up Ulra 150 $325.00
    5/24/2000 Solas Dyna Fly 16-20 Impeller $200.00
    6/7/2000 Purchased (and assumed installed) 1/2 Water Strainer $15.00
    6/7/2000 Purchased (and assumed installed) Gal/Super M Injector $90.00
    6/7/2000 Purchased (and assumed installed) Ride Plate KAW 1200 Ultra 150 $120.00
    6/19/2000 Aggressor ijs24-ul Sponsons $128.00
    5/14/2001 Service Repair Shop performed "Fuel Tank Vent Hose" Recall
    and Owner 'put a steel vent tube in vent line in handlebar area
    and installed 3" plastic tube in gas tank fill area' $0.00
    2006 Note in owner's file: Compression Test done at 85 hours (140/135/138 )

    Packet included in owner's file: "Group K Modifications for the Kawasaki Ultra 150"

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    pm sent

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    trade out the exhaust pipe and stinger, carbs [ complete rekit if questionable ] and air filters & cyl head for all stock, ride plate, impeller and grate should be ok, stick with a good quaility tcw 3, be cautious of water in fuel, run and pop the throttle several times when removed from water, store the bike with the rear tilted down, use stabil in off season and run periodically.

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    My offer stills stands for the stock parts I have and trade on the head. I will trade you stock heads and airbox. except one of the screens that go inside the airbox. I should have all the hardware for the airbox also. I am in HI right now till the 15 and should be able to round it up when I get back.

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    Used parts for sale:

    Kawasaki 150 Ultra Billet Head from ADA Inc - bought 5/17/2000 - includes:
    • 42cc - +20lbs - 92 Octane Billet Head
    • Domes
    • Washers
    • No Orings (sorry)
    In very good condition. One of the 3 domes is new - bought last summer.

    Kawasaki 150 Ultra Air Box/Flame Arrestor (Factory) - includes:
    • all brackets and mounting hardware
    never used

    Reason for sale - took ski back to factory parts

    PM me if interested. Pics can be provided.

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