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    2002 Genesis I with No Spark - Need Help

    I have a 2002 Genesis that has no spark.

    I bought this ski used and just replaced the motor. This is a fuel injected model. I have checked the battery and it is over 12.5 volts without any load. While cranking it does stay above 10.5 volts. I have also checked the AC voltage on all pins coming from the stator. The 7 VAC pins read about 6.6 VAC and the 5 VAC pins ready about 4.5 VAC. I have also check the lanyard switch and it is functioning properly.

    Engine turns over with ease. However, I still get no spark.

    I also swapped batteries with my second ski that runs without problems. Still no spark.

    I am not sure what to check next and need some advice.

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