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    Jared of Oklahoma
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    WTB SL750 parts and 1 SL650 part

    I need a standard bore piston, rings, and pin for a 1993 SL750, I also need a very good condition front nose piece for the same ski.

    I need a Fuel Sender and float setup for a 1994 SL650

    Can someone help me out here??? I gotta get these skis done. and my regular parts source seems to be gone. Has anyone talked to beachblonde here on the hulk lately? She normally is a great source for parts, but here lately she has been missing in action.

    So if you have even one of these items please either send me a PM, or even send me an email to [email protected] I am paypal verified, certified, and sanctified....LOL no seriously I pay quickly. My zip code is 73020 Choctaw, Oklahoma.


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    check with John Zigler at

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