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    Can I run "extensions" to the battery for easier charging on an FZR?

    For an FZR....

    I have the TBM auxillary fuel tank which sits in the back 'section' of the ski. I do not have access to the battery because the tank is in the way of accessing it. My question is can I add "extensions" to the the positive and negative grounds on the battery and run them thru the bulkhead so I am able to charge the battery when needed? I don't really want to have to take the tank out periodically to charge the battery.

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    I have a Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle, which has an aftermarket seat that is a PITA to refit, and I've done the 'extensions' to that. I've used a decent thickness of cable, and insulated the exposed ends against grounding, corrosion etc. with little rubber boots and Vaseline. I've also fitted a 15amp fuse in-line on the live cable, very close to the battery, so any fault will stop the cable from being live right at its source. Obviously you can't use this to 'jumper' from another battery (as the fuse would blow), but it's worked great for charging for the last 3 years. Hope this helps. Dave

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