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    98 yam 800 no vroom vroom

    98 yamaha waverunner 800, my jet ski was running great until I anchored it for about 2 hours. it wouldn't run unless I kept the bow down, anytime the bow went upward on a wave while moving it would shut down.. after going through a series of it running then dying several times, eventually the ski would not turn over at all, battery and starter were working fine but no turn over. also if I went in circles with the throttle pinned, the ski ran fine unless I let the bow go upward. any assistance on what to do would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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    narrowed it down to a spark problem. when I hit the start button the plug wil spark only once no matter how long I crank it. any ideas?

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    ok from what I found so far I should have a bad c.d.i. however some people clame to have parts in the cdi they can change to fix the spark problem and mine appears to be a sealed cdi, are there any components I can test/replace inside this c.d.i.? and can a c.d.i. slowly fail or can it only fail all together?

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