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    96 XP Ideal Max RPM

    Hey Guys,
    I ordered a pet 2100 tachometer this weekend to tune my skis up and I was just woundering what is the Ideal max rpm of a well tuned stock 96 xp. I just need something to shoot for to make sure I'm on the right track. Thanks

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    I can get my spx up to 67xx max.. But I have intake grate so it could be loading up my pump to much causing me not to max rpm higher plus I dont even know the state of my wear ring or impeller.. It all depends I think on everything else you have list what you got and that will give us a better reading of where you will be at..

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    I got an intake grate and a XO prop every thing else is stock I have 170psi compresion also.

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    6,840 - 6,900 RPM at sea level. Bone stock.

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    Thanks thats what I will aim for.

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