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    Genesis '99 carbed with electrical shut down issue

    hi everyone,

    Last week I took my ski on water (salt water) and one on the two water plugs at the back came loose. some water come into the engine bay, about 4 inches. The pump was activated immediately and as soon as I realised it I closed the plug.

    I took out the ski and flush it with water and left it to dry. The following day after 5 min on operation on water there was a shut down on the electrical system and engine, like if someone had pulled the plug on the electrical system. the display closed and the engine died. the display was dead for about 5 secs and then came alive again. the ski is idling fine, but as soon as rev it it dies again....

    I checked the earth connections just in case one is loose and creates the symptom. The one I checked is on the back left side of the engine block and it was fine.

    any suggestions?


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    I would open your electrical box, and check everything. In the Genesis project I just finished... one of the things I found was the contacts for the fuses were dirty, and they would make an intermittent break. I also, had a bad start/stop (LR505) and the wires on the stator were burnt. (you may want to check them too)

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    You will need to do some hunting to find the problem.

    How did you check the engine ground? Remove it, clean, re-assemble.

    Check the interior of the electrical box. Should be dry inside, with zero corrosion.

    Note: On the 1999 Genesis there are two electrical boxes. One is near the front under the steering.

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