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    need help with PV motor Orlando

    Ive always avoided these,know my way around other Yammys as well as Brand Xs.
    But cant change what is.. I have 2 800(66E) motors and need to make one out of them.
    One lunched a PV and the other is fine except for low compression.
    So I want to take best of both and make one.
    Question is,what rings to use(OEM or AM),stock pistons OK?
    Everything else seems OK as the better motor was still running but had 120 in one cylinder.
    What gaskets should I use? I would like to have this together before the summers over.
    Any one in Central Fla know PV motors and can look these parts over? Ill be glad to run them by with a six pack or 2 ;^)

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    How close is Jims Performance to you? You can contact him on the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by water woody View Post
    how close is jims performance to you? You can contact him on the forum.
    jim's performance what the hell tried to copy and past him can't click and go?JIM OR MIKE'S PERFORMANCE
    36258 US 19 N. PALM HARBOR, FL 34684
    BUSINESS # (727)786-1177 CELL # (727)365-5132

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    The #s on cylinders are 10,10,14,16
    all pistons are still in holes so they wont get mixed up.
    What rings are best to use with stock pistons?

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    Stock rings are best... pistons are sized by the stamp on top of cylinder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smacota1 View Post
    Stock rings are best... pistons are sized by the stamp on top of cylinder.
    what does the # indicate? .00XX MM over size?

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    you supposed to have 120psi in that motor!!
    What was the other, and how did you do you r compression test. Should be throttle wide open when cranking. How much of a PSI difference was there between the two cylinders, your guage may be reading high. If both cylinders are close then you probably fine.

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    actually I bought it that way
    guy said one cylinder was 20# lower than other
    you sure on the 120# for an 800?
    I thought it should be 140+
    If it was a 1200 I wouldnt be alarmed at 120#

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    Nope 120, trust me!!

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    well guy said one cylinder was 20# lower than the other and it had laid down and lost power.
    SO I pulled head off and one does have some scuffs,tho not bad.
    Im going to go thru this one because it was intact and running.
    the other motor had a PV failure(pin sheared in half).

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