Hey guys i have a 1996 Speedster boat in my shop right now that is giving me grief.
The owner bought the boat with the engines taken out and and the right engine had some work done to it, dont know exactly what but there is new pistons in it and the compression is good on both cylinders.
The new owner had put everything back together with a new aftermarket ecu(mpem) that have a box for each engine and the left engine starts and runs fine but he had issues getting the right one started(im keeping to left and right because im not a boat man.
He had gotten it started once and it was running just fine when it finally started but as soon as he stopped it he could not get it started again.
He took it to me to get it checked out because i have a lot of experience with Rotax snowmobile engines.
I have verified the rotary valve position,checked compression and i checked the spark. The spark was not perfect running around the bottom of the spark plugs tried new plugs but same result, i then took the coil from the left engine and changed the signal to it and got good spark.
I tried to start the engine bot no go, to eliminate a fuel issue i poured a little fuel into the cylinders and tried again but it is completely dead not even a little pop from the engine when cranking it.
I cant imagine the timing being that much off so it wont even fire, the woodruff should be intact since the engine have not been run since it was put together.
Im starting to pulling my hair now, is there anyone that have any input on what could be the issue here?