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    Best mods to do for a 08 Rxp-X??

    My cousin has a stock 08 RXP-X and hes lookin to do some mods to it. What are the best mods to do to it? Is it even worth buying like a stage 1 kit or are you better off just buying certain parts. Hes lookin to run 80mph with it. Im sure this list is gonna be pretty
    Thanks in advance.

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    THere are tons of threads out there on this...look for em..dont buy a stage one from it yourself....
    You will Need:
    Kanaflex 4" with filter
    R&D grate if your serious about 80 one day
    Fill The Ride Plate holes
    Catch Can
    Solas 15/22r gonna need to be tweeked
    Stock 83mm RXP nozzle or riva adjustable ring nozzle
    This will get you to 75 for 1000 bucks

    To Get to 80 you'll need to spend alot more.
    Larger supercharger
    AFR tap in manifold.
    and possible ECU reflash.

    STGE 1 is the way to go for now then see if he really wants more and wants to start spending alot...

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    i dont really agree with everything said in that last post but you will need some of that stuff. you can (i did) get 80 and some change out of a stock 08px charger and ecu. if you want a consistant 80+ then ya an ecu will help get-r-done.
    do a search for a thread called "got it today" by member jp1300r by far one of the best bang for your buck ways to get speed out of the px. sure he's well beyond that now but you can see how to get a real good start!

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