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    99 XP Problems Need Ideas...

    So I am a new owner of a seadoo and well not a very good first time buy. I bought a 99 xp limited this weekend and test drove it and it ran pretty good for a 99 stock machine. So thought that with new plugs it would run better. So bought it and drove it and it would hessitate at times and not go full speed like it was running on only one. Then it started dying on me which I found out was just becuase of running out of gas, my bad. So put it on reserve to get home. Then once it got on resevre it never fired on two again only one. I got home filled it with gas and bought new plugs and well its still doing the same things. I took the fuel filter out and cleaned that, but the gasket on that was pretty old also. Next im going on to the carborators as I feel that may be the next step to get it running full speed again. It idles fine and starts fine its just when I try to give it gas to go it boggs down. Any help or ideas would be great. Thanks, and if anything is unclear just ask, I want to get this fixed.

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    sounds like you need to get the carbs rebuilt. does it still have the grey fuel lines? if so you need to replace them, and check the fuel selector switch,
    is the ski premix? if so when running out of gas you could have seized the rear piston. these large displacement engines will seize in no time.

    also check your compression, doesnt hurt to know, if its real low you mind as well rebuild the top end, compression should be at around 135 no less than 120

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    Yeah it still has the grey fuel lines. No, its not premix. And I was going to check compression today after work. Thanks for the help and well how much would it cost to rebuild the Carbs.

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    stupid question but did you put the right plugs ?

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    Yeah I put the right plugs in and no its not a dumb question. Any questions that can help get it fixed will be great. And to ultramaxracing it did for like about two seconds one time i was taking off after i filled it up work right and fired on both, but then went back to being slow again forgot to mention that before so would it still be the carbs then?

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