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    2005 Sportster 4 TEC (Low rpms and alarm)

    I took out my sport boat this weekend and noticed immediately that my rpm was much lower. So much so the boat had trouble planning out (3500-4000). I figured I needed to head straight to my camp which is 20 mins away. After about 15mins a constant alarm came on (heat sensor?). Within 30 seconds the boat shut down. I opened the back hatch and everything looked fine. I got back in the seat, replugged the laynard and no alarm. Ran, still at much lower rpms the next 3-4 mintues to my camp. Any ideas on the low rpms and why the overheat alarm sounded?

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    Geau4LSU, I've been through the same problem with my 2003 Sportster 155 4tec. After trying alot of different things I finally ordered a oil pressure switch and solve all my problems. The part number is 420256880 , when I ordered the part From Babbits they must have sent the new style switch # 420256885 . The part cost me $22.00 and fixed all my problems. Is your boat supercharged ?

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    UPTHECREEK, thanks for the quick response. My boat is not supercharged. I only have 29 hours on it. I really only use it about 3 times a year and it is garage kept. Did your boat feel like it was struggling to get RPMs up (mine got only to about 4000)? Did the switch fix the alarm problem only or both the reduced RPMs and the alarm? Do you think my boat is running in LIMP mode because of the bad switch? Or what is the reason that the oil switch would cause the lower range RPMs? I appreciate your time.

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    It sounds to me that your boat is going into limp mode. mine was doing the same thing , and my warning lighs were coming on. After alot of reading and reseach I read that they had a lot of problems with that sensor switch. My boat has around 75 hrs . Your problem could be something completly differrent , but for $ 22 it might be worth a try. Rick

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    Rick, I am going to order one today. It is definitely worth the $22 to try and fix this problem. Did your boat lose RPMs right away? Mine came came off the trailer that way. I thought also, that maybe I had sucked something up at the launch causing the decreased RPMs and overheating. I had it up on dry dock though and couldnt see anything. Bill

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