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Thread: Timing ???

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    Timing ???

    I am baffled.... I am trying to fix my GTX-SC. It has atleast 3 bent exhaust valves and 4 broken exhaust rocker arms. I acquired another head and am trying to get the old one off. I have the cam marks lined up and a bolt in place to lock it down but can't figure out how to lock the crankshaft. Also I was under the impression that the #1 piston (front closest to the gas tank) should be at TDC but its the middle piston that is at or close to TDC with the cam locked. Did it jump time ? Any help would be appreciated.

    btw, I bought this as a non runner so I don't have the real deal as to what happened causing the catastrphic damage.

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    Crankshaft is locked through a hole in the crankcase underneath the intake manifold. Takes a allen socket to remove the plug. It's near the rear of the engine, close to the plug that holds timing chain tensioner. Chances are the cam has jumped time, possible a broken timing chain. That being the case the cam and crank will not line up. I'd pull the head and worry about the cam timing when you reassemble.
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    Thats the weird part, the chain looks fine and is all together, nothing out of sorts other than the valve and rocker damage. Thanks for the advise !

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