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    Waukegan to Chicago - fun or death wish?

    Friend wants to watch the air & water show from Lake Michigan. He plans on taking his boat and another friend of his has a boat that is going as well. We would probably leave from Waukegan and head down to Chi town. He asked if I want to tag along on my ski. Been out on the big lake one time on a very calm evening but even calm on LM is pretty intense. Anyone taken long trips like this and if so would you recomend it or about 1 hour in am I gonna wish I stayed home.

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    I've been on a number of extended trips on lake michigan, this past weekend I went from Lake Charlevoix to Beaver Island. The trip to get there was over 30 miles. When I left the waves were 0 to 1 ft rollers, on the way back 2 to 4'. In the Great Lakes you must plan for extreme conditions, have the right equipment. I always wear a wetsuit even if its 90 degrees, bring a vhf radio, gps, cell phone. The weather can change in an instant and the water conditions will be different on the way home. In your situation I would plan on going, but the water/weather conditions that day will tell you if you can make the trip. Also, you are going with others and can follow the shore.

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    Done it many times from Winthrop Harbor all the way to Soldier Field and back.

    Just remember west is best my 12 year old can handle 1-2 foot anything more is a pita but doable.

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    Thanks for the input. How long does it take on average and how far off shore are you getting?

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    As you ride more and gain experience and gear you can venture further. I've done the ride from Mackinaw to Holland, MI several times (about 350 miles). Next week we are riding 800 miles in Lk Huron.

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