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    1999 Gsx limited first thread need help

    hi everybody couple questions about my Gsx limited , when I ride alone it runs great but sometimes feels like something is slipping or giving loose, i had a buddy get on with me it did not want to move at all the rpms are up it sounds good just wont move he gets off and it works good but still seems like it slips under stress could this me a wear ring problem or the drive shaft coupler ??? any ideas on what it could be or what to check ?
    p.s it was capsized and sank because i had an anchor in the storage comp and from hitting waves it cracked the bottom, but i had it running again for atleast an hour after i heard this squeeking noise so I took off the shaft cover and water was coming in so I greased it and its fine now but something still squeeks sometimes whatever it is I think it has to do with my other problem!

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    check wear ring if it has never been replaced it is time too also when you sank your boat did you remove your spark plugs and try to start the engine to see if it had any water in it

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