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    Question 2000 Genesis issue

    Hi everyone, Im new here and got a few questions. I have a 2000 genesis (red engine, carb'd) ran great all last year, now it kinda dogs at around 3500 rpm. It does have the grey fuel lines with minor green gunk at one of the metal fittings. I have line on the way. By accident, I discovered that with the seat off, this thing runs awesome, once I put the seat on, blah. Im going to disassemble the carbs and clean them up I just want to make sure I am heading in the right direction.

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    sounds like an exhaust leak

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    definitely a broken clamp under the reverse motor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 785 lugs View Post
    sounds like an exhaust leak

    If this is a carburetor engine, and you still have those gray Tempo fuel lines, now would be the time to change out all the fuel lines. AND open up and internally clean/rebuild the carburetors.

    It is worth the trouble to make sure the carbs are clean internally, and avoid an unexpected piston failure down the road.

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    Thanks for the help, I replaced the fuel lines, cleaned and rebuilt the carbs and found a tear in the hose below the reverse motor. Looks like someone had a lil trouble getting the hose on. She's running good with only a few minor issues left.

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