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    top speed...this sound right?

    i finally GPS'd my skis. minor mods....listed in my sig.

    new plugs; im 220lb; tanks about half full; late morning run on near glass water.

    12f hits the bar over 7K rpms....maxed ay 55.4mph

    15f hits 3 bars over 7K rpms....maxed at 61.2mph

    sound right for 130hr skis?

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    very nice numbers

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    i was expecting better numbers than that, thats stock numbers. but i also have well used skis.

    should i expect most top end gains from rideplate and/or prop? everyone who rides them says they feel the holeshot improved with my intake and exhaust. but zero top speed increase?

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    Those speeds sound dead on. Your ski's must be in good operating condition. An air intake, impeller, and ride plate should get the 15f to 65-66 and the 12f to about 60 mph. I gained 2.5-3 mph from the rideplate, 1-1.5 from the impeller and about 1 from the air intake. the 15f was always between 65.7-66.6 mph.

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    Yes, but those numbers of yours are likely honest numbers......and they sound pretty good to me! I haven't gps'd the 15f yet, but we saw 54mph on the 75hr. box-stock 12f, at an elevation of 1150 ft, 25 deg celsius day, 120# rider, smooth water.

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