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    Newbe-How does the Turbo actuator and waste gate work-How much movement on the gate??

    New to me 2005 Honda R12X- 32 Hours on it- I have already discovered the WGS is bad-I did the blow through test and then I took the WGS apart and it is a rusty mess. I will get a new one in a few days. The actuator shaft has no rust on it. I dont have a vacuum tool so I could not pull vacuum to see if it moves. I did try to pry it with a screwdriver and got the gate to move about only 1mm. Does this sound normal?? Can it be moved by hand?
    How much does the gate open driving, under power?
    Presently with the non working WGS I get 57 mph at 5400 RPM-Is Turbo working or what happens to the SKI if Turbo is not working?
    If WGS has not worked for a while will that cause the gate to become stuck?
    Besides the low RPM and top end speed it runs perfect with no hesitation I am just concerned about that gate and actuator and not being able to move it.
    Sorry for dumb questions

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    No such thing as a dumb question unless it is covered in the readme at the forum's beginning.
    The WGActuator works off of pressure, not vaccuum. Put 10# of pressure on it and the rod will push out of the "can" over 1/4". Usually if it is stuck it is shut and your engine will go into overboost alarm and shut down or go into limp mode. Put in the new WGS and a new set of plugs from Advanced Auto parts [$11 each] and it should run like a scalded dog.

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    Thanks for the reply-I just put 10lbs of air in and it moves perfectly-Very cool-I have put 5 hours on the ski with the rusted stuck WGS and I thought it was quick, Now I cant wait till the weekend to see what it really feels like.
    Thanks again John

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    Did you use a handpump to put 10lbs of air into the hose? I've been trying to figure out why my 07 f12x isn't getting up to speed. I checked the WGS and it looks fine, and I could blow through the tube with the ski at idle... So now I'm trying to figure out if the actuator is seized - I can't get the rod to move by force, but haven't yet tried to put 10lbs of air through the hose. Thanks.

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    Actuator rod pushes . so if u do a manual test make sure u push it or or twist is so rod extends

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    Use a mityvac with a boost gauge in line to put 8.7psi on the WGA. It should move otherwise the exhaust door is seized or the actuator has rusted out. Use CRC 656 on it after every ride.

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